Sebaceous carcinoma of scalp with parietal bone destruction: A rare case presentation



Scalp, Sebaceous carcinoma, Bone destruction, Histopathology


Sebaceous carcinoma is a rare malignant tumor of the skin appendages, which occurs in the elderly. The most commonly involved site is the orbital region and it is rarely seen in the extra-orbital sites. We report a rare case of extra-orbital sebaceous carcinoma of the scalp with parietal bone destruction in a 45-year-old male. He was treated with wide local excision of the tumor with no regional or distant metastases. The patient received adjuvant chemo-radiation therapy, with no evidence of any local recurrence after one year of follow-up period. It is imperative to diagnose sebaceous carcinoma at an early stage to execute the primary treatment i.e., wide local excision and prevent recurrence of the tumor.


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