About the Journal

The Journal of Surgery and Medicine (JOSAM) is a distinguished international scientific journal that adheres to independent, unbiased, and double-blind reviews in accordance with international guidelines. Our primary objective is to enrich the existing literature by publishing clinical and experimental studies pertaining to the field of health sciences.

JOSAM functions as an independent and self-sufficient organization, completely detached from any government institutions or organizations. It does not depend on funding from such entities. Instead, it operates solely through the generous support of voluntary editors, reviewers, and other contributors. With a commitment to maintaining its autonomy, JOSAM remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. By relying on the voluntary efforts of a diverse group of individuals, we ensure that our work remains unbiased and free from external influences. This approach allows us to provide a comprehensive and objective perspective in our publications.

At JOSAM, we firmly believe that our independence is crucial in fostering an environment that encourages open dialogue and the pursuit of knowledge. By remaining free from any affiliations, we can offer a platform that is truly impartial and inclusive. Our voluntary contributors play a vital role in shaping the content we produce, ensuring that it reflects a wide range of perspectives and expertise. To ensure the utmost quality of the research articles published on our platform, JOSAM has implemented a series of rigorous procedures. Each article undergoes a meticulous double peer-review process, followed by a comprehensive assessment using quantitative online research-level metrics, before being disseminated to wider communities. It is worth noting that our journal has gained recognition and acceptance from esteemed statutory authorities worldwide.

Renowned for its commitment to presenting authentic and groundbreaking research studies, articles, and case studies within the medical field, JOSAM continuously strives for excellence. This is made possible through the collaborative efforts of our esteemed authors, editors, and reviewers. We firmly advocate for evidence-based research and clinical reviews, which have become the cornerstone of our journal's reputation. Our publication is widely regarded for its pioneering procedures and research in the field of medicine, addressing a diverse range of medical conditions. The articles we publish have proven to be invaluable resources for medical professionals seeking the latest advancements in their respective fields.