About the Journal

Journal of Surgery and Medicine (JOSAM) is an international scientific journal with independent, unbiased, and double-blind reviews under international guidelines. The aim is to contribute to the literature by publishing clinical and experimental studies about health sciences. 

JOSAM is a self-supporting organization that does not belong to any government institution/organization and does not receive funding from any government institution/organization. 

The JOSAM has a number of procedures in place to support and ensure the quality of the research articles that are published on the platform. A double peer-review process followed by quantitative online research-level metrics is carried out before disseminating the work to wider communities. The journal is accepted by important and relevant statuary authorities across the world.

The JOSAM has been known for bringing out authentic and unique research studies, articles, and case studies from the medical field. The journal strives for the highest quality, made possible by the continuous collaborative interactions between authors, editors, and reviewers. The JOSAM strongly supports evidence-based research and clinical reviews. The journal is widely read for its breakthrough procedures and medicine-based research for a wide number of conditions. The articles prove to be very useful for medical professionals.


Preservation Policy

Journal of Surgery and Medicine (JOSAM) content is hosted on Open Journal System (OJS). The PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) allows OJS journal to digitally preserve their content. JOSAM content is also preserved on the EBSCO database and Electronic Publications Depository System (EYDeS).

This means in the event that a journal stops publishing or goes offline, there will be a way to have continued long-term access to articles and issues.