Clinical findings, treatments and obstetric results of pregnant women diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019



COVID-19, Pandemic, Pneumonia, Pregnancy, Pregnancy outcomes, Pregnant women, Preterm birth, SARS-CoV-2, Vertical transmission


Background/Aim: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which causes acute respiratory disease, is an emergency that concerns global public health. Limited data are available on coronavirus disease 2019 in pregnant women. We aimed to evaluate the characteristic features and perinatal results of pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19. Methods: This retrospective cohort study was conducted in a Training and Research Hospital. Clinical records and perinatal results of 84 pregnant women and 46 newborns diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 in a pandemic hospital on the Asian side of Istanbul between March 29-June 30, 2020, were retrospectively analyzed. Results: The mean maternal age of the patients was 28.8 (5.6) (17-43) years. The most common symptoms were cough (41.7%), shortness of breath (26.2%), fever (19%), myalgia and malaise (19%). Fifteen percent of patients were in the first trimester, 20.2% were in the second and 64.3% were in the third trimester. Sixty-two percent of the pregnant women were PCR positive and 38.1% had clinical or radiological findings. CT was performed in 27 patients, and lung findings were observed in 23. Among all, 29.8% of the patients received inpatient treatment and 70.2% received outpatient treatment or follow-up. Medical treatment was given to 42.9% of the patients. Sixty percent of the hospitalized pregnant women were admitted to the adult intensive care unit and 3.6% (3/84) resulted in maternal death. Thirteen newborns (28.2%) were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Fever was seen in 6.5% (3/46), dyspnea, in 15.2% (7/46), and pneumonia, in 13% (6/46) of the hospitalized newborns. PCR was performed only in newborns admitted to the neonatal unit. All neonatal PCR tests were negative. Death due to sepsis was seen in 3 newborns. Conclusion: COVID-19 can cause preterm labor in pregnant women. Lymphocyte, thrombocyte, and CRP values may be useful in clinical follow-up and treatment. PCR positivity decrease and CT findings increase with clinical severity.


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