Right ventricular dysfunction in cirrhosis: A speckle-tracking echocardiography study



Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy, right ventricular dysfunction, echocardiography, speckle-tracking analysis


Aim: The majority of studies on cardiac dysfunction in patients with cirrhosis are associated with left ventricular (LV) myocardial dysfunction, with fewer studies on right ventricular (RV) function. The aims of this study were to evaluate biventricular function, particularly RV function, in patients with cirrhosis and investigate its relationship with disease severity. Methods: We included 50 hospitalized and ambulatory patients with cirrhosis and 33 healthy controls. Echocardiographic evaluation was performed with speckle-tracking analysis. Liver disease was graded according to Child-Pugh and Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) scores. Results: In our study, the most prevalent etiology of cirrhosis was viral hepatitis (60%), followed by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (24%). RV-global longitudinal strain (GLS) and LV ejection fraction (EF) values were lower in patients with cirrhosis compared to the control group (both, P=0.001). LVEF was <55% in 19 (38%) patients. Decreases in RV-GLS and LVEF values were more common in patients with ascites (both, P=0.001). However, measurements of RV-GLS and LVEF did not distinguish the degree of severity of liver disease on the basis of Child-Pugh and MELD scores. LV-GLS values between patients with cirrhosis and the control group were similar (P=0.896). Conclusions: This study showed that RV function was impaired in patients with cirrhosis and more commonly, in patients with ascites. However, values of RV-GLS did not distinguish the degree of severity of liver disease. In addition, the LVEF was low and LV-GLS was normal in patients with cirrhosis.


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