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The role of surgery in stage IV breast cancer: Clinical experiences of 62 patients

Surgery for stage IV breast cancer



breast cancer, metastasis, surgery, survival


Background/Aim: The effect of surgical intervention on the quality of life and survival of patients presenting with metastatic breast cancer is a controversial issue. In this study, we aimed to reveal the survival, clinical, and pathological differences in patients with breast cancer who had metastatic disease at diagnosis and who underwent and did not undergo surgery for the primary tumor in our clinic and to evaluate the efficacy of surgical approach on the course of the disease.

Methods: In this retrospective cohort study, the data of patients with metastatic breast cancer in our clinics between January 2000 and June 2021 were retrospectively analyzed. The study included those with primary metastatic disease. The study did not include male patients, patients with primary non-breast tumors, those who died of causes unrelated to breast cancer, those who underwent surgery for metastatic foci other than the primary tumor, and those who could not be followed up regularly for various reasons. In our study, there were two groups; those who received only systemic therapy were assigned to Group 1, while those who underwent surgical treatment for the primary tumor were assigned to Group 2. The clinicopathological and survival data of the groups were examined.

Results: Surgical intervention was performed on 62 of our patients. The 4-year survival rates were higher than those who did not undergo surgery (Group 1: 59.6 [14.7%], Group 2: 83.5 [6%]). The comparison of the two groups showed a longer median survival in patients in Group 2 who underwent surgery, albeit not statistically significant (77 [11.23] months in Group 1 and 84 [18.91] months in Group 2 [P=0.16]).

Conclusion: In conclusion, our study showed that surgical treatment may have positive effects on survival.


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