An evaluation of treatment options for lateral epicondylitis



lateral elbow pain, peppering, eswt


Aim: Lateral pain in the elbow is a widespread problem in orthopedics and physiotherapy. There are different conservative treatment options available, but there is no consensus on their superiority to each other. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of three different treatment methods applied to patients followed up with a diagnosis of lateral epicondylitis. Methods: The study included a total of 105 patients who were diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis between 2010 and 2016 and treated conservatively. The patients were separated into three groups according to the treatment administered. In Group 1 (n:28), 1 ml betamethasone dipropionate (Diprospan®, Schering-Plough Corp., Kenilworth, NJ, ABD) was applied with the peppering method. In Group 2 (n:28), the same peppering method was used to apply 1 ml local anesthetic (prilocaine hydrochloride, Citanest®, AstraZeneca plc., London, UK). In Group 3 (n:49), extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) treatment was performed. Data were evaluated before and at one, three, and six months after treatment. Clinical scores were evaluated according to the Quick Dash (Q-DASH, Quick disabilities of arm, shoulder, and hand) scoring system and VAS (visual analog scale) scores during the daily activities of the patients. Quality of life and patient satisfaction levels were evaluated based on Quick Dash scores. Results: A significant improvement was observed in all three methods in the VAS and quality of life of the patients at one, three, and six months after treatment compared to pre-treatment values (P<0.001). A higher level of patient satisfaction was determined in Groups one and two compared to the ESWT group (P<0.001). Conclusion: Significant rates of satisfaction were determined in all three methods, and the corticosteroid treatment administered with the peppering method was not superior over local anesthetic applied with the same method. Although ESWT was beneficial, it was less effective than the other methods and cost higher.


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