Giant mobile left ventricular apical thrombus following silent infarction in a young patient: A case report



Silent myocardial infarction, Left ventricular thrombus, Embolism risk


Today, percutaneous coronary treatment and anticoagulation therapies are commonly used worldwide, which is why the incidence of reported left ventricular (LV) thrombus decreased. Despite modern methods, we still encounter thromboembolic complications resulting in morbidity and mortality in a large number of patients, especially after silent infarctions. Because of high embolism risk, early detection of LV thrombus is crucial. We present the rare and interesting case of a 34-year-old patient diagnosed with a large, fragmented, very mobile left ventricular apical thrombus after silent myocardial infarction due to total occlusion of left anterior descending coronary artery.


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