Evaluation of the effect of ultrasonic heating and exercise heating on muscles by ultrasound elastography: An experimental clinical trial



Sonoelastography, Therapeutic ultrasound, Therapy, Exercise


Aim: Ultrasound (US) has been used for therapeutic purposes for many years due to its biological beneficial effects. İn this report we compare the effect of therapeutic ultrasonic heating with exercise-heating on the gastrocnemius / soleus muscles by quantitative measurements of ultrasound elastography.

Methods: İt is designed as a single blind experimental clinical study. Fourty (40) healthy male patients aged between 19-23 years were included randomly in the study. To the first group, we applied a continuous wave therapeutic US on both calfs (symmetrically) consisting gastrocnemius / soleus muscle groups at a frequency of 3 Mhz, 2 w / cm2 dose, for 6 minutes. To the second group, we applied a 15-minute jogging exercise program. Bilateral, symmetric measurements were made in the first 5 minutes with a wide band linear probe, US elastography before and after application. 

Results: A statistically significant decrease in ultrasound elastography strain value (UESV) after therapeutic US in gastrocnemius / soleus muscle groups was observed (p < 0.001 / p < 0.001). There was no statistically significant change in UESV in the gastrocnemius / soleus muscle groups in  the jogging group (p = 0.792 / p =0.187). When the percentages of ultrasound elastography strain ratio (UESR) were examined, there was a significant difference in the change of percentages in the gastrocnemius / soleus muscle groups in both groups (p = 0.005/ p = 0.001). According to this, in both muscle groups, the elasticity increased and the stiffness decreased in group 1 and in group 2, the stiffness increased in some cases and decreased in some, and in overall it was observed to increase. 

Conclusion: Therapeutic US-heating is an effective, reliable method that generally increases elasticity and reduces stiffness in calf muscles than exercise-heating. 


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