Solitary involvement of multiple myeloma in the upper thoracic spine, and anterior approach to thoracic region without full sternotomy: A case report



Multiple myeloma, Unilateral L-shaped manubriotomy, Anterior approach, Cervicothoracic junction


Multiple myeloma is cancer that starts in the plasma cells in bone marrow. Bone x- rays may show fractures or hollowed out areas of bone. The most common skeletal sites are pelvis, skull, spine, ribs and femoral and humeral shafts. The unique anatomy of thoracic spine creates challenging surgery approaches. Treatment choices of hematological malignancies of the spine are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Unilateral L-shaped manubriotomy does not require full sternotomy for upper thoracic segment pathologies. We present a case of multiple myeloma patient in the upper thoracic area and the surgical management. We present an approach to anterior pathology of the upper thoracic spine that obviates the need for sternotomy.


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