Carcinoid tumor of the small intestine: A case report


  • Sylla Moussa
  • Ossibi Pierlesky Elion
  • Soumana İsmael Dandakoye
  • Somuah Tenkorang
  • Souiki Tarik
  • İmane Toughrai
  • Karim İbn Majdoub Hassani
  • Khalid Mazaz


Carcinoid tumor, Ileum, Retractile mesenteritis, Surgery


Carcinoid tumors are the second most common tumors of the small intestine after adenocarcinoma. These tumors are discovered either incidentally in the event of investigating non-specific digestive disorders notably in patients with Konig’s syndrome. Diagnosis is confirmed through histopathology complemented with immunohistochemistry. Surgery is the only curative treatment and it is indicated upon decision by a multidisciplinary treatment team. We report a case of a 65-year-old woman with carcinoid tumor of the ileum.


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