Tuba-ovarian abscess in a sexually inactive teenager with Down syndrome: Case report and brief review of literature


  • Ramazan Cahit Temizkan
  • Muhammet Mesut Nezir Engin
  • Harun Güneş
  • Önder Kılıçaslan
  • Merve Aslantaş
  • Murat Kaya
  • Kenan Kocabay


Down syndrome, Point-of-care ultrasound, Poor personal hygiene, Tubo-ovarian abscess


Tuba-ovarian abscess, a complication of pelvic inflammatory disease commonly seen in sexually active women, is very rarely encountered in sexually inactive ones. It commonly presents with non-specific symptoms like abdominal pain and fever and/or less commonly with vaginal discharge so it may be challenging for the emergency physician to make the diagnosis promptly. Point-of-care ultrasound may help physician to rapidly diagnose or exclude tubal ovarian abscess. It can be treated medically (with broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy) or surgically (by drainage or removal of the lesion). If pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal ovarian abscess are not included in the differential diagnosis of patients admitted to emergency department due to abdominal pain because the patient is not sexually active, the patient may suffer from some serious complications due to delayed diagnosis. Emergency physicians should be vigilant due to the possibility of sexual abuse while treating a sexually inactive patient with tubal ovarian abscess. The first case of tubal ovarian abscess, thought to be related to poor personal hygiene, in a child with Down syndrome was presented together with a short review of the literature.


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