Carcinoid tumor of appendix: Review of consecutive 5131 appendectomy


  • İlyas Kudaş
  • Olgun Erdem
  • Ahmet Topçu
  • Abdullah Şişik


appendectomy, Carcinoid tumor, Right hemicolectomy


Aim: Appendiceal carcinoid tumor (neuroendocrine tumor) is rarely seen, and it is frequently found incidentally after evaluation of appendectomy specimen. Histopathologically, the appendiceal carcinoid tumor is usually the type of enterochromafine cell and stems from a sub-epithelial cell population that differs from the neuroendocrine tumor in other regions. Although it is often detected in appendectomy, appendiceal one is the most common type of primary malignant lesion and is detected in 0.3-0.9% of patients with appendectomy. In this study, it is intended to present an appendix carcinoid tumor series that is diagnosed incidentally after appendectomy.

Methods: 5131 appendectomy that was performed between years of 2009 and 2017 constituted the study universe. 35 (0.68%) patients diagnosed with carcinoid tumors were evaluated in the histopathological examination. The patients were recorded in terms of demographic data, clinical status, histopathology and surgical reports. Additional operations and follow-up data were noted.  

Results: 21 of the 35 patients with appendiceal carcinoid tumors were males, and 14 were women. Male/Female ratio was 1.5. The mean age of the patients was 27.3±11.0. There was no difference in terms of gender and age with other appendectomy patients who diagnosed non-tumor (p=0.476 and p=0.413, respectively). The clinical presentation of the patients with all carcinoid tumors was in favor of acute appendicitis. Histopathological examination revealed simultaneous acute appendicitis in 25 (71.4%) patients.

Conclusion: The treatment of the appendiceal carcinoid tumor is controversial, but tumor size, tumor localization, surgical margin and lympho-vascular invasion are the main determining factors. The evaluation of pathological examination and the necessary additional therapies should be planned due to the fact that it is often diagnosed with incidental and is unlikely to be noticeable during surgery.


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