Syringomatous adenoma of the nipple: Case report


  • Şirin Yaşar
  • Nurhan Döner Aktaş
  • Ayşegül Sevim Keçici
  • Pembegül Güneş
  • Güldehan Atış


Breast, Nipple, Syringomatous adenoma


Syringomatous adenoma is a rare disease of the nipple that was mostly easily confused nipple eczema or erosive nipple adenoma. Although, mammographic findings indicate carcinoma, this condition has benign, locally infiltrative characteristics. Herein, a patient with complaints of pruritus and minimal enlargement of right nipple was firstly evaluated as nipple eczema or erosive adenoma of nipple, but no response was detected with topical treatments. Patient was diagnosed with syringomatous adenoma of nipple with histopathologic examination findings that were double layered epithelial ductus proliferations which some of them had tear-drop, comma-like appearance and nipple area was excised. This rare condition is discussed with literature.


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