Gastric stromal tumor with pregnancy: A case report


  • Anas Belhaj
  • Karim Ibn Majdoub Hassani
  • İmane Toughrai
  • Khalid Mazaz


Pregnancy, Gestation, Imatinib, Gastrointestinal stromal tumor


Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are rare mesenchymal tumors that develop in the wall of the gastrointestinal tract. There is few given information throughout literature concerning gestation associated with GIST. We report here the case of a patient who was admitted in our hospital for GIST discovered during the second trimester of pregnancy. She was 44 years old, in the fifth months of pregnancy. She was admitted for biliary colic pain. An abdominal examination objectified a distended abdomen with uterine height of 15 cm and right hypochondrium mass of 15 cm. Abdominal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging showed a large lesion process in the right hypochondrium region. Endoscopy objectified an aspect of extrinsic compression at the front of the stomach. The patient was operated and an umbilical median incision was performed, exploration showed the presence of a hug mass measuring 25 cm occupying almost all of the right hypochondrium, pushing the liver up and the uterus down, adheres to the stomach at the level of the small curvature with an implantation base of about 3 cm. Histological and immune histochemical study of hepatic process showed a GIST of high risk of malignancy. Only some cases have been reported in the literature on GIST during pregnancy showing the rarity of the pathology that requires multidisciplinary care.


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