Is it easy to remove the bar fitted with Nuss procedure?


  • Özgür Katrancıoğlu
  • Yücel Akkaş
  • Ekber Şahin
  • Şule Karadayı
  • Melih Kaptanoğlu
  • Tuba Şahinoğlu
  • Nurkay Katrancıoğlu


Pectus excavatum, Nuss procedure, Bar removal


Aim: Minimally invasive repair for pectus excavatum (PE) has become a popular approach since 1998. Convex bar is place into the substernal position to leverage the deformity and left for approximately 24 to 36 months. We have noticed difficulties during some of these bars at removal. So we presented difficulties during the bar removal in this study.

Methods: The medical files of 39 patients who removal of the bars at our clinic between June 2011 and March 2017 were reviewed retrospectively. The medical files were reviewed retrospectively and 9 cases involving difficulty removed the bar were included in this study. Patients were evaluated in terms of gender, age, the bar duration time on the body, duration of hospital stay, morbidity and mortality.

Results: Mean patients age was 24.1 (range, smallest 19 and greatest 36) years. The overall mean duration of pectus bar maintenance was 35.5 (range, minimum 34 and maximum 38) months. While the mean duration of surgery was 50 minutes (range 38-52) in the non-difficulty group, the mean duration was 90 (range 74-110) minutes in the difficulty group. The causes of difficulties are mostly fibrosis, ossification and displacement of the intrathoracic region.

Conclusion: Careful attention and multidisciplinary work are important for the removal of bars attached due to PE. Emerging difficulties can be overcome with the experience gained over time.


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