A catastrophic leptospirosis case with multisystemic involvement


  • Hilmi Erdem Sümbül Health Science University , Internal Medicine Department
  • Bilge Sümbül Gültepe Bezmialem University , Department of Microbiology
  • Mahmut Büyükşimşek Cukurova University , Department of Oncology
  • Merve Saraçoğlu Sümbül Cukurova University, Department of Family Medicine
  • Emre Karakoç Cukurova University , Deparment Of Internal Medicine


Leptospirosis, Acute Hepatitis, Plasmapheresis, Hemodialysis


Leptospirosis is a systemic infection with varying degree of clinical manifestations from mild to fatal disease. Clinical suspicion is very important to identify leptospirosis. A field worker patient was admitted to our clinic with emerging acute hepatitis and renal failure accompanying conjunctivitis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, pneumonia and epididymorchitis. During the follow-up the patient was transmitted to intensive care unit, and hemodialysis with plasma exchange was performed. Usually mild disease is treated in outpatient clinics because severe organ failure is experienced rarely. Alternative treatments such as plasma exchange and corticosteroids may also provide benefits especially in patients who were unresponsive to classical therapies.


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