Subarachnoid hemorrhage complicated with cerebral venous thrombosis in pregnancy: A case report



Pregnancy, Cerebral venous thrombosis, Subarachnoid hemorrhage


The conditions most commonly associated with cerebral venous thrombosis are the ones characterized by hormonal changes, which include pregnancy, puerperium, and oral contraceptive use. The classical signs and symptoms of cerebral venous thrombosis include headache, papilledema, convulsions, focal deficits, coma, and death. Cerebral venous thrombosis particularly affects superior sagittal or lateral sinus, but also sinuses to which cortical deep veins open. Cerebral venous thrombosis can cause serious neurological syndromes, but thanks to the introduction and widespread use of cerebral angiography, computerized brain tomography, and cranial magnetic resonance imaging, it can be diagnosed in a timely manner. In this case report we report a 22-year-old woman with unknown pregnancy status who was subsequently diagnosed to have pregnancy and cerebral venous thrombosis and subarachnoid hemorrhage after presenting to emergency room with severe headache followed by altered consciousness.


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