Simultaneous double of both interphalangeal joints dislocation of same finger in a volleyball player: A case report


  • Engin Kesgin Private Antalya Medical Center


joint, dislocation, intrinsic plus splinting, Interphalangeal, finger, simultaneous


A case of simultaneous dislocation of both proximal and distal interphalangeal joints in a single finger without assosiated fracture in a volleyball player was presented. it was a  twin dislocation in a same finger. Reduction was achieved easily   with longutidunal traction. The finger immobilized in intrinsic plus poition for 3 weeks  followed by rehabilitation range of  motion exercises.  Our patient was treated by colsed reduction and then intrinsic plus position  splinting. The patient had full range of motion without pain joints six-weeks laters. Finally, appliying to closed reduction and intrinsic plus splinting in the tratment of method and early active range of motion movement preserve joint contracture.


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